Interesting Facts 101

                      The water in the Great Salt Lake of Utah is more than four times as salty as any ocean.        The wettest spot in the world is located on the island of Kauai. Mt. Waialeale consistently records rainfall at the rate of nearly 500 inches per...

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What shall I do? | The difference | Car Privileges

  What shall I do? A doctor got a call from a very excited woman, “My son just swallowed the aspirins, what shall I do?” He replied, “Give him a headache, what else?” The difference Charlie was a regular visitor at the racetrack. One afternoon he noticed an unusual sight....

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Sick Call, Late Arrival, Cake Question

Sick Call Mr. Frobisher constantly called Dr. Wilson at all hours of the day and night and would then keep him on the phone with a litany of imagined ailments. Finally the doctor could take it no longer. “Listen, Mr. Frobisher, if you wake me up again in the middle...

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Tyd om feite in die oë te staar

Niks het verander nie, totdat die Verlore Seun gesê het: “Ek sal huis toe gaan na my pa toe en sê: ‘Pa ek het gesondig'” (Lukas 15:18 NLV). Jou storie kan ook soos hierdie storie ‘n gelukkige einde hê, maar dan moet jy: 1) Besluit om beheer te neem van...

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Horseshoe look / Selling the house

“Horseshoe Look” One day a cowboy walked into a blacksmith shop and picked up a horseshoe, not realizing that it had just come from the forge. He immediately dropped it and jammed his hand into his pocket, trying to act as if nothing had happened.   The blacksmith noticed and asked...

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Interesting Facts # 415

For 3000 years, until 1883, hemp was the world’s largest agricultural crop, from which the majority of fabric, soap, paper, medicines, and oils were produced. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp. Ben Franklin owned a mill that made hemp paper. The US Declaration of Independence was written on...

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Interesting facts # 564

In India, a 9-year-old girl was “married” to a stray dog, which tribal custom requires in order to protect a child whose first tooth appears on the upper gum. A 13-year-old boy in India produced winged beetles in his urine after hatching the eggs in his body The titan arum...

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Grateful teacher / Taxi Driver / Doing the Laundry

Grateful teacher After school one day, a young first-grade boy was sitting at the kitchen table, eating his afternoon snack, when he blurted out, “Mom, the teacher was asking me today if I have any brothers or sisters who will be coming to school.” The boy’s mother replied, “That’s nice...

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Daar word gewerk in jou

Ons is te ongeduldig! As God nie binne die eerste vyf minute van ons stiltetyd met ons praat nie, staan ons op, trek ons skouers op en besluit: “Hy gaan nie vandag met my praat nie.” Waar is die volharding van ons Geestelike voorvaders? Hulle sou God se hand vat...

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