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He stands in the strenght of…

He will stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the LORD, in the majesty of the name of the LORD his God. And they will live securely, for then his greatness will reach to the ends of the earth. And he will be their peace. - Micah 5:4 THOUGHT: The great hope that we have is that our Good…

Do not give in

My son, if sinners entice you, do not give in to them. Proverbs 1:10 Thoughts on Today's Verse... The real issue isn't "if" but "when"! Our children face tremendous peer pressure. We do, too! We must help them resist the enticements of this pressure. Even more, we must never tire in resisting them…

We’ve Figured it Out

Ironic isn’t it? The more we know, the less we believe! Strange, don’t you think? We understand how storms are created. We map solar systems and transplant hearts. We measure the depths of the ocean and send signals to distant planets. We’re learning how it all works! And for some, the loss of…

Inspirational Stories


In the mid 1980s, I was enrolled in a travel agency school for entrepreneurs who wanted to operate their own travel agency. We got valuable information on the geography of the…
rabbi priest


A funny story tells about a rabbi and a priest that met at the town picnic and began their usual “kibitzing.” “This baked ham is just delicious,” the priest teased the rabbi. “You…

Much obliged

Like most parents, I taught my children to say "thank you" frequently and hoped that giving thanks might become a life habit. After all, silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone.…

Something Will Grow There

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A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store, but couldn't find one…

New Coach

Paul Bryant
At a Touchdown Club meeting many years before his death, Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant told…


On the train heading for Glasgow I raised a subject I'd read about the day before. "Is…

People Matter

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In their book The Big Book of Jewish Humor (HarperCollins, 1981), authors Novak and…

Are You Ready?

As a pastor, I’m often called upon when life “vanishes like a mist.” One of the most…

Papa’s Sermon

Busy in his study, a minister was preparing his sermon for the coming Sunday. He reached…

Afrikaanse Artikels

Clean Wash

A young couple moves into a new neighborhood. The next morning while they are eating breakfast, the young woman sees her neighbor hanging the wash outside. "That laundry is not…

When Fear…

No one else dared join them, even though they were highly regarded by the people. - Acts 5:13 Every work day in thousands of offices across the globe, Christians testify of God's…

Moenie 'n dwaas wees nie

Jou doodsberig sê baie oor jou. Koning Saul se laaste woorde was: '...ek was 'n dwaas.'…

Hearing God in Noisy Places

Ever feel guilty when somebody quoted this Bible verse: “Be still, and know that I am…

Oorleef die Finansiële Storm (2)

As jy oor jou skuld en werk bekommerd is: 1) Moenie paniekerig raak nie. Blaai deur die…

Om God se skepping op te pas

Geslagte lank het die kerk stilgebly oor die sonde van slawerny. Dis omdat dit gewild en…

Neem die moeilike besluite

Al die Bybelse helde het swakhede gehad. Hul persoonlikhede het verskil soos dag en nag.…

Artikels deur Johann de Jager

slip f4e29


‘n Goeie bui reën in ons buurt veroorsaak dat die onderdak parkeerarea vir ‘n paar dae sowat 3 cm diep onder water is. Dis net die een helfte wat die probleem het. Ongelukkig die gedeelte waar my motor geparkeer word. Dit los jou met ongeveer een…

Hoe reageer jy?

‘n Paar jaar gelede kry ek vroegoggend, nog voor werk, ‘n oproep van iemand wat seker 10 jaar tevore vir my en Zelda sleg tenagekom het. Wat hy destyds gedoen het, is nie regtig belangrik nie. Hierdie persoon, het ons reeds lankal daarvoor vergewe,…

“That’s it" nou gaan jy dokter toe

Met elke hoesie word ek deur Zelda vermaan. Dis al reeds drie weke gelede dat ek by die dokter was. My antobiotika en 'stropies is lankal op. Ek het al selfs al die half leë hoesstroop botteltjies in al die badkamerkaste deurgewerk. Zelda sê sy…

Deur watter lens kyk jy?

Daar is darem maar min dinge wat ‘n mens so kan fasineer soos ‘n verkyker. Gee dit vir enige persoon jonk of oud en die “nuwe” wêreld wat in die lens navore kom sal so ‘n persoon se aandag vashou vir ‘n wyle. Alles lyk mos nou eweskielik nader…wel…


Hippies het almal blommetjies en VW Beetles vir vervoer, bergklimmers het berge en toue, Vlieëniers het almal vliegtuie, Terroriste bomme en wapens (waarnatoe ek hiermee gaan weet ek nog nie). Tuindienste het almal tuine. 'n Motor verkoopsman,…
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Wat regtig iets beteken in die lewe

Hierdie volgende gedeelte kom uit die inspirational story; Seattle Special Olympics. What truly matters in this life is helping others win, even if it means slowing down and changing our course. Ry vandag net in die verkeer en neem waar hoe ons op…



To keep my young son quiet during the morning service, I gave him a pencil and paper to draw on. A few minutes later, he held up a picture. "That's nice," I said. "What is it?" "I…

Blocked toilet, The…

Blocked toilet Because I couldn't unplug the toilet with a plunger, I had to dismantle the entire fixture, no small feat for a non- plumber. Jammed inside the drain was a purple…

Cell phone, Dance…

Cell phone After a recent college basketball game, the coach spotted a cell phone lying on the floor. He picked it up and handed it to one of the referees, saying, "Here's your…

You need 100 points

Humor and Cartoons 1141 Super User
A man dies. Of course, St. Peter meets him at the Pearly Gates.St. Peter says, "Here's…

Lost in translation, Away From His Desk, The Bar vs. The Baptists

Humor and Cartoons 846 Super User
Untitled Document Lost in translation An influential Londoner wound up a business trip to…

Worst player, Kidz Humor, Little Encouragement

Humor and Cartoons 781 Super User
Worst player One day, John Smith decided to go to a new golf course where no one knew…

Wrong Change / Watch Out! / Sleeping Problem

Humor and Cartoons 1085 Super User
Wrong Change A customer moves away from a bank window, counts his change, and then goes…

Hereafter, Choking Fee, Boasting horses

Humor and Cartoons 835 Super User
Hereafter The minister advised Uncle Howard to give some thought to the "hereafter."…

"Sick Call" / Personality Test / Eating Pennies / The Wedding Ring

Humor and Cartoons 992 Super User
"Sick Call" Mr. Frobisher constantly called Dr. Wilson at all hours of the day and night…

Batting Practice / Adoption / Caution: Hot

Humor and Cartoons 976 Super User
Batting Practice On a Spring Break trip to Italy, my friends and I were standing just…

Strange Allergy / Lawyer News / Shhhhh!

Humor and Cartoons 907 Super User
Strange Allergy Because of an ear infection, my young son, Casey, had to go to the…

Outstanding invoice, Call For A Ride, Left Behind, Busted

Humor and Cartoons 870 Super User
Outstanding invoice A window salesman telephoned his customer. “Ms. Brown, our company…

Peter Howe (A Novel and Testimony)


The Target takes snippets and highlighted events from the Howe family's lives. Following a time line, it illustrates the challenges, trials and tragedies they faced, including the death of their two sons. This book gives a commentary of how the earthly and heavenly realms affect each other.Peter however, weaves Christian fiction into the different aspects of his own true personal journey.

Their faith developed and grew throughout all the tragedies they experienced, and blossomed into the life they now live serving God and ministering to others.


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Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

Lê jou daarop toe om jou tot beskikking van God te stel as 'n arbeider wat die goedkeuring van God wegdra, 'n arbeider wat hom vir sy werk nie hoef te skaam nie, wat die woord van die waarheid suiwer verkondig. (2 Timoteus 2:15 Afr83)


Die arm van die Here is nie te kort om te help nie en sy oor is nie te doof om te hoor nie. JESAJA 59:1

Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

"The Holy Scriptures are our letters from home." St. Augustine of Hippo

Inspirational Quote

"Salt, when dissolved in water, may disappear, but it does not cease to exist. We can be sure of its presence by tasting the water. Likewise, the indwelling Christ, though unseen, will be made evident to others from the love which he imparts to us." — Sadhu Sundar Singh

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

Ottors sleep while holding hands (paws)

Interesting Facts #946

You cannot think of an English word to rhyme with the word “month” because there isn’t one.

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Humor Quotes

Humor Quote

On your birthday, send a thank you card to your mom.

Valentines day

If it is not Valentines day and you see a man in a flower shop, you can probably start up a conversation by asking, 'What did you do?'