Recently I read this story;

Two men were taking a coffee break, when an acquaintance rushed in, upset and out of breath. “You won’t believe this,” he said. “I was almost killed on the way to work this morning.”

He gasped for breath as he continued: “I had just walked out of the deli where I buy an egg sandwich every morning. A police car with its sirens and lights on was chasing another car and stopped it. The guys in both cars tumbled out. There was shouting, ordering, threats. Guns were drawn. Shots were fired! I was right in the line of fire! I could hear the bullets whiz right over my head. Garbage pails were knocked over, glass shattered, cars and trucks mounted the sidewalk to get to safety. I tell you I’m lucky to be alive!”

Both of his listeners had concerned looks on their faces as they heard the account. Finally one of them spoke: “You eat an egg sandwich every morning?” he asked.

Sometimes we read about the great things God does, see miracles, be moved by His Spirit. But then we stand up and say, “I wonder where God is?”.

Maybe it is time that we again become like small children, accepting God for who He is and re-ignite the faith we once had and trust God blindly.


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