and Kourtney were 3-year old twins — and they were excited about pre-school!
They were so excited that they got up in the middle of the night in their Omaha, Nebraska
home and walked out of the house to make the 6-block walk to school. Snow was
everywhere that night, and the temperature was 9 degrees below zero.

girls were reported missing at 4:05 A.M. After family members awoke to find a
light on and the front door open. Two police officers started driving the route
to school, hoping to find the girls before it was too late. At one point, their
squad car was stopped by the ice on a steep hill in front of an alley. They
decided to investigate. They found first little footprints . . . then three tan
boots. . . and finally they found barefoot Kourtney, wearing an open coat
kneeling beside her sister Jennifer, who was face down in the snow, wearing
socks but no coat. Even though Jennifer was near death when they found her,
both the girls miraculously survived. If someone had not come looking for them,
they would have died.

Two little girls were lost and dying. They would not have made it back home
themselves. Their only hope was for someone to look for them and find them.
It’s always that way for someone who is lost . . . including you and me.

In Luke
19:10, speaking of Jesus, it says, “The Son of Man came to seek and to
save that which was lost.” According to the Bible, we are that little
girl, hopelessly lost, face down in the snow, about to die spiritually. And
Jesus is that policeman coming to where we are to rescue us. But THIS rescue
involves eternal death — the price tag for our sin. This rescue cost the
Rescuer His life, as Jesus died on that cross, absorbing all the punishment,
all the hell that you and I deserve for our sin.

Ron Hutchcraft

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