God never puts us off

Normally, I’m a pretty calm sort of guy. It takes a lot to upset me.

Even so, it does happen. I remember ordering an item from the catalog. The order arrived three weeks late. Three weeks late and even then it was the wrong color and the wrong size.

Deciding not to put up with the combination of a late delivery and wrong shipment, I got on the phone making a complaint. After going round and round with a phone representative and getting no satisfaction, I finally asked to speak to a manager.

I gave up when I heard the salesperson say, over a half-covered phone, “OK, which of you guys wants to play manager today?”

Many of you, like me, don’t like being put off.

If that’s so, I would like you to remember we are blessed to have a God Who never puts us off. He’s always ready to listen. Amazing! The Lord, who runs the universe, is willing to hear our thoughts, our prayers, our hopes, and our desires. He has committed Himself to caring for and responding to us.

Having received this kind of special attention “from the Top”, we, in turn, are able to give consideration to others. Today, when you run into someone who feels ignored, give them some special attention. Do it in the name of the Lord Who has promised, because of His Son, to listen to you.

~Pastor Ken Klaus  From a devotion originally written for “By the Way”

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