A Revival / I Need a Refund / How did you know?


HumorA Revival

Leroy goes to the revival and
listens to the preacher. After awhile, the preacher asks anyone with needs to
be prayed over to come forward to the front of the altar. Leroy gets in line and
when it’s his turn, the preacher asks, “Leroy, what do you want me to pray
about for you?”

Leroy replies, “Preacher,
I need you to pray for my hearing.”

The preacher puts one finger in
Leroy’s ear and he places the other hand on top of Leroy’s head and prays and
prays and prays. After a few minutes, the preacher removes his hands, stands
back and asks, “Leroy, how is your hearing now?”

“Leroy says, “I don’t
know, Reverend. It’s not until next Wednesday.”

I Need a Refund

A parishioner asked his minister,
“Is it proper for a man to profit from the mistakes of another?”

“Definitely not.”

“Are you absolutely

“Yes, my son.

“In that case, I wonder if
you’d mind returning that R250 I gave you after my wedding.”

How did you know?

I was sitting in the foyer of a
bank when a young man walked by and then stopped for a moment on his way out. I
noticed that one of the latches on his overstuffed briefcase was unfastened,
putting strain on the remaining latch.

“You’re going to lose the
contents of your briefcase,” I warned him.

Just then, the case burst open. He stared at me with
something akin to fear in his eyes as he gasped, “How on earth did you do

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