558 days of hell. Two souls intertwined in body and spirit. One Almighty God. This is the story of kidnapping victims, Yolande and Pierre Korkie, as told by Yolande. Pierre never survived to tell the tale.

In this raw and honest memoir, Yolande relives the couple’s kidnapping and brutal severance from their children and life as they knew it.

From the moment they were kidnapped in 2013 until Yolande’s release and then through to Pierre’s tragic death during a failed rescue attempt, 558 Days recounts the Korkies’ horrific ordeal. This is the true story of a level of love that few couples will ever experience; of faith that grows stronger through adversity and of forgiveness that is more powerful than human boundaries.

This is the story of 558 Days. 16 pages of full-color photos from Yolande’s personal photo album and a moving letter written by Yolande to Pierre after his death. ( Read more )

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