Two Weeks Vacation / Life Insurance / Remember the Date

ImageTwo Weeks Vacation
“That’s a great place to work!” shouted my 16-year-old brother after coming home from the first day at his first job. “I get two weeks paid vacation.”
I’m so glad,” said my mother.
Yeah,” added John. “I can’t wait to find out where they send me.”
Life Insurance
Jill was discussing the various aspects and possible outcome of the Insurance policy with the man at the Insurance Agency.
During the discussion, she asked, “Suppose I take the life insurance for my husband today and tomorrow he dies? What will I get?”
The agent eyed her suspiciously and replied, “Probably 20 to life.”
Remember the Date
One of my customers at the department of motor vehicles wanted a personalized license plate with his wedding anniversary on it. As we completed the paperwork, he explained, “This way, I can’t forget the date.”
A few hours later, I recognized the same young man waiting in my line. When his turn came, he said somewhat sheepishly, “I need to change the numbers on that plate application.”
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