Oh, that was my idea / “Found Wallet” / “65 At Least”

Oh, that was my idea

A little girl was once disciplined by her mother for kicking her little brother in the shins and then pulling his hair. “Sally,” said the mother, “why did you let the devil make you kick your brother and pull his hair?”

“The devil made me kick him,” she said, “but pulling his hair was my idea!”

“Found Wallet”

While shopping in a supermarket in Washington, D.C., I heard over the PA system:

“A wallet containing a large sum of money was found, but it contains no ID. Will those laying claim to it please form a double line at the customer service counter?”

“65 At Least”

A policeman stops a speeding car and tells the woman driver; When I saw you driving down the road, I thought to myself, “sixty-five at least.”

The woman replied: I don’t think that is quite fair. I think this hat makes me look older.

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