Hemel toe gaan

Meraai sê vir Gatiep: “Djy moenie dink djy sal by die hemel se hek kan ingaan as djou asem so na drank stink nie!”

Gatiep: “Dja Meraai, djy hou djou baaaie slim nê?

Maar daar is ‘n technical point van hemel toe gaan wat djy nie van weetie.

My asem ganie saamie, ek blaas hom mos hier yt!”

Name Confusion

Working at an airline ticket counter, I pulled up a passenger’s reservation that showed his name as “Cole, Pheven.”

“I’d like to be certain our information is correct,” I said to him. “What is your first name?”

“It’s Stephen,” he replied. “I hope the reservation agent got it right. I told him it’s spelled with a ph.”

Career Training

The proprietor of a small village drugstore was called out one sleepy summer morning, leaving the establishment temporarily under the sole management of a very young, and very uneducated, clerk.

“Just answer the phone if it rings, Jim,” instructed the proprietor.

The phone rang.

“Hello,” said the clerk.

“Do you have streptomycin and aureomycin?” asked a voice at the other end.

The clerk scratched his head, then said, “Ma’am, when I said ‘Hello’ I told you everything I know!”

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