FlightI would like to share with you a memorable story
that I was once told which demonstrates God’s unfailing love for His children.

There was a little girl, very young, who was on a flight
back to her home where her father was to meet her. I forget why she had gone
away. The stewards were giving out free sweets to all the young children and
the girl, for the whole flight home, ate sweet after sweet after sweet.

When they had almost got home the girl was sick all
over her seat and her dress. The stewardess who had given her all the sweets
was so disgusted she refused to clean up the mess.

As the plane landed the father was waiting
patiently for his little princess who he hadn’t seen for such a long time. He
had just come from work and was wearing his newest, smartest suit. A suit he
loved so much to wear.

As the plane door opened the little girl, wanting
her daddy, ran out in the terminal. Excited at the sight of her daddy she runs
straight for him. The father immediately notices the horrible mess that covers
his daughter’s dress as she runs straight for him but as she reaches him he
snatches her up in his arms and hugs her tightly to his chest, ruining the
clothes he wore. He loved his new suit. But the love he had for his daughter
was unbeatable, and even though she was a mess, and would ruin his suit, he
cared much more about her and just wanted to hold her in his arms.

Christ, too, wants that relationship with us. Our lives are in a mess. But He
does not care. He loves us – every single one of us. And, He waits with open
arms for us to run to Him and embrace Him, where He will clean us up and never
turn us away. Run into His arms today and, if you are already there, help
others reach this wonderful goal!

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