ImageClass Reunion
He hadn’t been to a class reunion in decades. When he walked into the latest one, he thought he recognized a woman over in the corner. He approached her and extended his hand in greeting, saying, “You look like Helen Brown.”
“Well,” the woman snapped back, “you don’t look so great in blue either!”
Three women are talking about leftovers.
“My husband is a TV producer and when I serve leftovers, he calls them reruns.”
“You think you have it bad! Mine’s a quality control engineer. He calls them rejects!”
“That’s nothing! My husband is a mortician. He calls them remains.”
From a passenger ship, one can just barely see a bearded man on a small island in the distance who is shouting and desperately waving his hands.
“Who is that?” a passenger asked a passing steward.
“I have no idea. Every year when we pass by, he goes nuts.
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