I am involved with drug rehabilitation. Just prior to this event I wanted to cease working with these people as I wanted to devote my time to the new love in my life.

On Saturday morning I was arrested falsely. I was kept at a “holding cell” till the Monday to appear in court. After locking me up the door would not unlock again. Every time a police officer tried to open the door it would refuse to unlock. Three different officers tried but to no avail. When my attorney visited me on Sunday he had to sit on the floor outside my cell since the door would not open. The attorney also instructed the officers to make sure that I am in court on Monday but this request was ignored.

Then, on Monday, the door simply opened. The officer simply opened the door. The officer who took me to court decided not to cuff me and even opened the vehicle’s windows for me in order for me to be comfortable. It was only at the court that my brother, Pieter, told me that they prayed for the door not to unlock as they feared what could have happened to me in the cell if others were able to access it. Although the cells at the court was dirty and I were detained with others God again came trough. My case was the second to be heard. We then applied for bail and was prepared to pay R 2000. However bail was set at only R 500. Not long after this the case was withdrawn as the complainant admitted that he accused me falsely.

Today, I realize that I need to forgive this person and pray for him. We were able to assist him even after this and he even said that it is hard to understand how I can still give him food, after all he has done to me. I believe that God is working in him and that we will soon hear his testimony as well. And that will also give clearance on what’s God purpose was with this weekend in prison

Liefde in Christus.


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