“Approval Letter” / “Glazier” / Speak


After trying a new shampoo for the first time, Dewey mailed off an
enthusiastic letter of approval to the manufacturer.

Several weeks later he came home from work to a large carton
in the middle of the floor. Inside were free samples of the many products the
same company produced: soaps, detergents, tooth paste, and paper items… with
a “thank you” note from the manufacturer.

“Well, What do you think?” asked his smiling
wife, Olga.

“I think that next time,” Dewey replied.
“I’m writing to Toyota“.


My son is the manager
of a glass and window company and advertised in the paper for experienced
glaziers. Since a good glass man is hard to find, he was pleased when a man who
called about the job said he had over 10 years of experience.

“Where have you
worked as a glazier?” my son asked.

The man replied,
“Dunkin’ Donuts.”


A guest
at dinner noticed the small family dog looking hungrily at every bite she took.
Finally, she took a small piece of meat from her plate and held it up for him.

she said to the dog.

The dog
answered, “Under the circumstances, I hardly know what to say!”

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