ImageMach Dude
A young man visiting a dude ranch wanted to be “Macho”, and went out walking with one of the hired hands.  Walking through the barnyard, the visitor tried starting a conversation:
“Say, look at that big bunch of buffalos.”
The hired hand replied, “Not ‘bunch’ but ‘herd’.”
“Heard what?”
“Herd of buffalos.”
“Sure, I’ve heard of buffalos.  There’s a big bunch of ’em right over there.”
Moving In Motivation
My engineer husband is meticulous but mild-mannered.
While our new house was being built, he would leave notes for the workmen, politely calling their attention to mistakes or oversights.
Two weeks before we were to move in, the floors still were not finished, the bathrooms not tiled, nor were necessary fixtures installed.  I was sure that the work would never be completed in time.  However, on moving day, we found that the house was ready to receive us.
Curious as to how this miracle had been accomplished, I went and checked where my husband always left his notes for the workmen.  Posted prominently on the living room wall was my husband’s last note:
“After September 15, all work will be supervised by 5 children.”
Interview Question
“Now this is the verbal part of your employment test,” said the interviewer.
“Can you tell me what gross aggrandized annuity means?”
Certainly,” replied the applicant.
“It means I don’t get the job.”
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