ImageA group of managers is trying to calculate the height of a flag pole. They try to measure its height by lining up their thumbs and then turning the thumb 90 degrees and marking a spot on the ground. Then they try to use its shadow and trig functions, but no luck.

An engineer comes by and watches for a few minutes.  He asks one of the managers what they’re doing.  

“We’re trying to calculate the height of this flag pole.”

The engineer watches a few minutes more and then, without saying a word, he walks over, pulls the pole out of the ground, lays it down, measures it, writes the measurement on a piece of paper, gives it to one of the managers and walks away.

The manager looks at the paper, snickers and says to the other managers: “Isn’t that just like an engineer?!

We’re trying to calculate the height and he gives us the length.”

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