Red BirdSome people imagine that if they were in Adam’s position they would not sin as he did.

A young boy named Jabo felt this way.  His father was a preacher in Sudan, Africa.   One Sunday Jabo’s father was invited to preach at the next village, so he asked Jabo to go with him.  Jabo did not want to go; he made every excuse he could think of.  It was too hot, the road was too rough and dusty, and when he finally went to church, he complained that the seats were too hard.

Jabo slept through much of the sermon, but he woke in time to hear his father say,  “Sin entered the world through Adam, and all the troubles of this world are because of sin.”  This gave Jabo something to really complain about.  “If only Adam hadn’t sinned, we wouldn’t have all this trouble. I wouldn’t have to work and do things I don’t like. Adam was a wicked man. I am sure that I would not have been so stupid.”

After tea that night, Jabo’s father said to him, “Jabo you have growled all day today.  I am tired of your grumbling. So, I have decided that you will not have to work any more. You can eat what you like and do what you like.” Jabo was delighted, “You mean I will not have to work in the garden any more?”  “That’s right,” replied the father.  “But do you see that little red box?” “Yes “ replied Jabo. “You will not have to work as long as you don’t open that box, but if you open the box, you will have to go back to work again. Do you understand, Jabo?”

“You mean as long as I don’t open that box I won’t have to work? Why I won’t even look at it”. Jabo replied..  The father continued. “Tomorrow, your mother and I will be away until late in the day.  We will leave food for you; but don’t open that box”

When Jabo got up the next morning, his parents were gone and he could please himself.  The first thing he saw was the red box.  “I wonder what is in it?” he muttered. Then he made himself some breakfast, then he decided to make himself a new spear.  But all the time he was looking at the box and wondering what was in it.

At last he walked over to the box to take a closer look at it.  He said to himself, “It won’t hurt if I just look at it.” He put his hands behind his back so that he would not touch it. He thought, “If I opened that fastener just a little, I could see what was in it, and father would never know.”

His heart was pounding with curiosity and excitement as he care fully lifted the lid.  What could be hidden inside”  Then out flew a tiny red bird. He tried to catch the bird, but it quickly flew away.

Later his father arrived home; Jabo sought to hide. “Come here”, called his father, “I see you have opened the box which I told you not to open.  You have disobeyed me.  Now you will have to work.”  

Jabo hung has head in shame. His father explained to him, “You have done the same thing that Adam did.  He was tempted and disobeyed, so did you.  You are guilty of your own sin. But there is a remedy for sin.  The gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.”  Later Jabo realised his need of Christ and became a true Christian.

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