Daring Faith: Samuel’s Response


SelfieI’m not a fan of selfies. I can’t seem to master the right angle or the right lighting, and choosing the right filter can be down right exhausting!

And yet, we live in a selfie world. In fact, so many selfies are taken each day that we are referred to as the ‘selfie generation’.

This sounds like more than a mere love for photography. Perhaps this selfie obsession is really a heart admission.

Let’s be honest: not only are we prone to excessive self-photography; we are prone to excessive self-focus. We pose for the perfect selfie: the one we look great in, feel great in, and that people will like. But we also want the perfect self: a life defined by looking great, feeling great, and being envied. Without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, these desires can lead us down a dangerous path. When consumed by our own interests, our lives sadly become shallow and toxic. And our lives were meant for so much more!

Samuel teaches us a different way. In 1 Samuel 3, Samuel awakes in the middle of the night to an unfamiliar voice. After hearing this voice for the third time, and with the help of Eli, Samuel realizes it is God who is calling Samuel by name.

Most people in Samuel’s situation would have been ready with a list of wishes to be granted or grievances to be aired. Not Samuel. Samuel responds to God with a simple, “Speak, Lord. I’m Your servant and I’m listening.”

Samuel dared to believe that what God had to say was far better than anything young Samuel could ask for or imagine. Samuel was not interested in pursuing his own interests. Instead, Samuel chose to pursue God’s will. Samuel wasn’t selfie-obsessed; he was servant-minded.

Go ahead and take a selfie every now and again if you’d like, but refuse to adopt a self-focused mentality. Dare to let go of your own agendas and instead seek after God’s. Allow Jesus to shape your ambitions. His plans for you are far better than any you could come up with! Don’t let self-focus stop you from experiencing all that God has for you. Instead, respond to Jesus with daring faith like Samuel, “I’m Your servant, Lord, and I’m listening!”

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