Batting Practice / Adoption / Caution: Hot



Batting Practice

On a Spring Break trip to Italy, my
friends and I were standing just inside St. Peter’s Basilica, the second
largest church in the world. The tour guide explained, “This church is so
large that no man on earth could hit a baseball from one end to the other. Not
Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth or even Mark McGuire.”

My group stared in silence at
the beautiful marble sculptures, intricate paintings and glorious mosaics all
around the enormous building. Then one girl interrupted the silence with an
astonished question, “You mean, they actually let them hit baseballs in

Caution: Hot

One day, a cowboy walked into a
blacksmith shop and picked up a horseshoe, not realizing it had just come from
the forge.

He immediately dropped it and
jammed his hand into his pocket, trying to act as if nothing had happened.

The blacksmith noticed and
asked with a grin, “Kind of hot, wasn’t it?”

“Nope,” answered the
cowboy through clenched teeth. “It just doesn’t take me long to look at a


Teacher Debbie Moon’s first graders were discussing a
picture of a family. One little boy in the picture had a different hair color
than the other members. One of her students suggested that he was adopted.

A little girl said, ‘I know all about adoption, I was

‘What does it mean to be adopted?’, asked another child.

‘It means’, said the girl, ‘that you grew in your mommy’s
heart instead of her tummy!’

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