An unruly student


Saunders of Bristol, England, was sent to Sunday School
when he was a young boy but he was very unruly and hard to control. The
teacher, Mr. Henry Poole, tried hard to teach him about the Lord, as well as to
control him, but nothing seemed to correct him.

disrupted the class, he talked, laughed, moved about and seemed to take no
notice of the lessons.  The teacher tried for a long time, but at last he
had to tell his parents that James would have to leave the Sunday School.

was heard of James for about twenty years.  By this time Mr. Poole had
become a minister of a country church.  One day a man called to see him.
He said, “I suppose you have forgotten me?” Mr. Poole replied that he did not
remember seeing him.  “Do you remember James Saunders?” asked the
man.  “Yes, I do remember.  He gave me much trouble and anxiety. Do
you know him?” replied Mr. Poole.  “I am that lad, I am James Saunders”

Mr. Poole
was astounded and said, “You have completely changed.  Tell me what you
have being doing.”  James then told him his story.  After he had been
put out of the Sunday School, he left that town and lived by the sea, where he
existed by stealing and deceit.  One day he obtained a position on a
ship  and later sailed to Honduras
There, one night, the ship was struck by a fierce storm and sunk.  James
swam for hours until he was almost exhausted, then suddenly he found a large
rock just covered by water, there he found two of his shipmates. James was sure
that he would die, and he began to think over his evil life, then he remembered
some of the things he had heard in Sunday School. Then he knelt in the shallow
water and cried to the Lord for mercy, and the Lord heard and saved him.

When it
became light, he and his companions found some wreckage from the ship and
managed to swim to the shore.  He then found a ship that was sailing back
to England,
and his great desire was to tell his former teacher of the change in his life.

Mr Poole
listened carefully to his story and wished him well when he departed. Mr. Poole
had some doubts in his mind whether James was really telling the truth, so he
wrote a letter to the captain of the new ship to which James belonged, asking
if James was living a Christian life?

It was several months
before a reply came saying that James had died of a fever.  Before he
died, he lived in a very godly way and read the Bible to the other members of
the crew and exhorted them to turn from sin and trust in Christ as the only
Saviour.  The simple truths that James had heard as a child were blessed
to him many years later.

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