the book of Acts, Luke gives us wonderful insight into what life was like for
the early church. It is fascinating to study what these first Christians did
when they came together to fellowship. We can learn much and evaluate our own
worship by considering their example.


The apostles had a large role in the beginnings of the church. As new believers
were added to the church, they took the responsibility of telling everyone
about Jesus’ life. They undoubtedly passed on everything they had heard Christ
say and saw Him do. They likely took the Old Testament and explained how Jesus
fulfilled many prophecies. The very doctrine of the early church was
established on the teaching of the apostles.


Acts makes several references to meetings of the early church. It was important
for them to spend much time together recounting the things they had heard and
seen. They likely discussed the apostles’ teaching, and encouraged each other
in the midst of the persecution that ensued. They also showed love for one
another by selling their possessions and distributing to each other’s needs.

Worship: The Breaking of Bread
– They came together not only to observe the Lord’s
Supper, but also to fellowship together over a meal. This remembrance would
likely have been characterized as a quiet reflection and remembrance of what
Jesus had done.

– The
first Christians spent much time in prayer. Acts also records instances of
their communal prayers as well as individual prayers. Some early Christians
continued to go to the temple to pray, while others held prayer together in
individual homes.

lives of first century Christians are an interesting study and example for us.
Are the times which we spend with other Christians opportunities for us to grow
in our relationship with the Lord? Do we fellowship in the Spirit of Christ? Do
we share prayer and wisdom from the Bible? What a blessing it would have been
to be a part of the first group of people to ever know the saving grace of
Jesus Christ!

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