troubled teen

troubled teenRomans 5:8 says, “God shows his great love for us in this way. Christ died for us while we were still sinners.”

A friend of mine tells of the man who set out to adopt a troubled teenage girl. One would question the father’s logic. The girl was destructive, disobedient and dishonest. One day she ransacked the house looking for money. By the time he arrived, she was gone and the house was in shambles. Friends urged him not to finalize the adoption. “Let her go,” they said. “After all, she’s not really your daughter.” His response was simply, “Yes, I know. But I told her she was.”

God, too, has made a covenant to adopt his people. It’s one thing to love us when we’re strong, obedient and willing. But when we ransack his house and steal what is his? This is the test of love. And God passes the test.

From In the Grip of Grace

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