Shepherd’s friend Ed had promised to send her a particular cd via UPS.

sure you’re home on Tuesday when it comes,” he told her. “I’m not
going to be home on Tuesday,” Gloria told him. “But don’t worry—UPS
always leaves packages if I’m gone. It’ll get here safely.” She lives with
her two grown daughters, and either one of them might also be home for the
delivery. Gloria could tell that Ed was somewhat excited about this ordinary
transaction, and she wondered why.

But life was
a bit difficult right now, and she couldn’t spare a lot of attention for one
small package. But on Tuesday Ed was VERY worried when he heard that the
package didn’t arrive. Wednesday, Thursday…and still nothing. Finally he
phoned. “I put cash in the package for you,” he blurted out. “I
knew you needed it.” “Oh Ed, thank you!” Gloria was astonished
and grateful. She could certainly use the help. “But it’s probably been
stolen!” Ed went on. “And I can’t find the ticket either, the one
they use to trace packages!” For some reason, Gloria sensed that the
package had not been stolen. But it certainly was way overdue.

That was
disappointing, but Ed seemed so upset… she honestly couldn’t understand why.
“That night at bedtime, I prayed that God would see that the package was
delivered, for Ed’s sake, so his faith would be restored,” Gloria says.
“I asked the angels to go and get it—wherever it was—-and bring it to
my house.” An unexpected peace ran through her, and she felt certain it
was a “done deal.”.

morning Gloria also mentioned the situation to her daughter, Sara. “Mom,
you asked angels to find it?” Sara laughed. She was always amused by her
mother’s faith, but she promised to be on the lookout for the package. But by
Friday evening, when Gloria got home, the package had still not arrived. She
not only checked the porch, but looked carefully around the house, in her
daughters’ bedrooms, in the kitchen, on the front hall table, just to be
absolutely sure neither of them had taken it in. Gloria did have a message on
her machine from Ed. “I found the ticket!” he said. “At least on
Monday I can start a trace.” Well, that was fine.

The girls
were both out on dates, and Gloria went to bed early. She was awakened during
the wee hours by a scream. Sara! Was something wrong? But no. Gloria struggled
into wakefulness to find Sara laughing and dancing around her room. She was
holding a small package from UPS. “When I came home just now, there it
was, Mom!” Sara shrieked. “It was sitting on top of my desk! And I
know it wasn’t there when I left!” Gloria knew too. She had checked everyone’s
rooms. “The angels must have brought it!” Sara went on. And they had
laid it in plain view so Sara, the doubter, wouldn’t miss it.

following morning, Gloria phoned Ed to give him the news. It was then that she
discovered the significance of the gift. “I am planning to start a Kingdom
business, and I wanted God to bless it,” Ed explained. “So I told him
I would make an offering of faith, by sending some money to help you out. When
it was lost, I was very upset. I couldn’t understand what God was trying to tell
me.” Suddenly everything made sense to Gloria. “The package got lost
for a reason,” she assured Ed. “God used the loss for several
purposes: to plant some seeds of faith in Sara, and also to let you know that
He is blessing your business. Why else would He have sent it by special Angel
Delivery Courier Service?” Ed’s business has been launched and is doing

And Gloria is, of course, reaffirmed in her
faith. She knows that God is aware of even our smallest need.

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