Singing a Cappella / Learning to Play Golf / Acting Your Age

ImageSinging a Cappella
“What kind of music do you sing?”
“Don’t you mean a cappella, singing without instrumental accompaniment?”
“Nope. I mean aqua-pella, singing accompanied only by the water coming out of the shower head.”
Learning to Play Golf
This fellow’s wife was constantly nagging him to teach her how to play golf. Finally, one morning, he relented and off they go. First hole: Par 3, 179 yards, very pretty. The husband steps up first and says, “Now, watch me and do the same thing.” He hits a beautiful shot, lands on the green with about 30 feet to the cup.
The wife steps up, drills it, hooks it and it ricochets off a tree, bounces off a rock and rolls up onto the green and drops into the cup. The husband looks at what happened and says, “Okay, now you know how to play, let’s go home.”
Acting Your Age
Visiting his parents’ retirement village in Florida, my middle-aged friend, Tim, went for a swim in the community pool while his elderly father took a walk. Tim struck up a conversation with the only other person in the pool: a five-year-old boy. After awhile, Tim’s father returned from his walk and called out, “I’m ready to leave.”
Tim then turned to his new friend and announced that he had to leave, because his father was calling. Astonished, the wide-eyed little boy cried, “You’re a kid?”
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