ImageWhen her old uncle died, his four year old neice, Alicia, wanted to attend the funeral. The family talked it over and decided to try explaining to her that Uncle Albert hadn’t actually died — only his body was now lifeless — and that Albert would live forever, in Infinity. A complex subject for a child, yet, she seemed to be untroubled by the fact that her uncle’s still and lifeless body would be in the church….

Now, little Alicia wanted to bring her much-loved-but-rather-worn Barbie doll, Molly. Mom and Dad said, “No, Honey, not this time. Let’s leave Molly home.” Oddly unmoved by her parents’ wishes, Alicia stubbornly and somewhat loudly proclaimed, “I love Molly! If she can’t go, then I won’t, either. Molly and I do everything together!” Since it was getting late and this seemed like no time to argue with a child who was inseparable from her doll, the parents crumbled and said, “Okay, Molly can come, too.” Then, the family trundled off to the church.

The service was held at the late uncle’s Lutheran church with many family members and friends speaking on behalf of good old Albert.

After everyone who desired to do so had gotten up and spoken their piece, the pastor then asked, “Does anyone else have something that they would like to share?

What this little kid was about to do was soooo wonderful, so breathtakingly sweet! I’m going to get tears in my eyes again right now, just telling you what happened next….

Hearing the minister ask people to share, Alicia got up and, as the whole church sat in silence, uncertain as to what to do, this little girl slowly walked to the front of the church and laid her beloved Barbie doll, Molly, in the open casket. The congregation then heard her murmur softly, “I love you, Uncle Al. Here’s my special friend Molly. She’s going to go with you so you won’t be lonely.”

I like to think of myself as a pretty selfless guy…but not that selfless. This small child taught me a powerful lesson in unconditional love that morning! ~ Author unknown

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