Dr. Gary Rosberg and his wife, Barbara, are familiar with the troubles that can plague a marriage. As marriage coaches who host a call-in radio show, the Rosbergs take calls every day from people who are experiencing marital problems.

Regardless of what the problem is in the relationship, the Rosbergs said, the true issue is usually a matter of the heart.

“The question may be:

  • ‘Why did my husband commit adultery?’

  • ‘Why does my wife pay more attention to the    kids than me?’

  • ‘Why is somebody using the internet    inappropriately?’

  • ‘Why does somebody hide money?’ or

  • ‘Why has somebody given up on spiritual    intimacy in our marriage?'”

“But all of those issues ultimately draw down to the condition of the heart,” Gary said.

When spouses harden their heart against their mate, they begin to disconnect or push each other away, the marriage coaches said. When this continues for months or years, often the couple decides that the relationship will no longer work.

But the Rosbergs encourage couples: don’t be so quick to throw in the towel.

They offer several steps that are essential to repairing a broken marriage.

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