Psm 91

Psm 91The
following true story that I’m about to share with you is my testimonial to the
Lord’s incredible powers, a miraculous healing that the doctors could not explain,
and which I believe had something to do with my reading Psalm 91 that gave me
the strength to face my illness. After being diagnosed with CAD in May 1996, I
was advised that I needed triple bypass surgery as soon as possible.

My oldest
daughter at this time told me to start reading Psalm 91, which I did and still
read daily. I prolonged this surgery because I had advised my cardiologist that
I wanted a second opinion. I just could not believe this was happening to me,
even though I was having chest pains daily, and short of breath all of time, I
could not face the fact that I needed open heart surgery!

I had been
taking care of my father since 1991, who also had a heart condition. I
scheduled an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic with another heart specialist,
and my heart cath film was sent there. I missed the appointment. My primary
care doctor pleaded for me to have the surgery. In September 1996, she told me
if I did not have the surgery I could have a massive heart attack at any time,
because I had one artery in my heart that was almost 100% blocked. I told my
doctor, “I’m not afraid to die, and if it is God’s will to take me, so let
it be.” I also told her I had no one to help take care of my father, and I
would have to wait until the following year so that I could take my vacation,
and get someone to care for my dad. But, my condition could not wait that long.

By October
1996 I was really feeling bad!!! I could hardly walk without being out of
breath, and my chest pain became almost unbearable. I had to go in to see my
doctor, and immediately I was wheeled over to the hospital and admitted. I
agreed to the surgery, which they had scheduled for October 8.

On October
4, 1996 I awoke at 3:00 AM. At 3:10 AM my door opened and this tall, big man came
in my room. I never saw his face, and all I could see was his white jacket, he
scared me because of his physical built, and that he did not turn the light on.
He immediately said, “Hi Cynthia, I was in earlier and you were asleep, I
was waiting for you to wake up.” He came over to my bed and touched my
right arm, and then proceeded to take my blood pressure. He again spoke and
said, “So, your going to have another heart cath done in the
morning”, I answered, “Yes, and I was scheduled to have triple bypass
surgery on Tuesday.” He told me then not to worry about anything, and that
everything was going to be okay! I told him that was easy for him to say,
because I was the one that was having surgery. He again replied to me,
“not to worry about anything”. I did not know how he saw the blood
pressure reading; because the light was off I could not see it myself. When he
was finished, he started walking out of the room, and again he told me not to
worry about anything and everything was going to be all right! As he opened the
door to leave my room, I got this “strange” feeling about him. I
immediately got up from my bed and went out into the hall to find him. I walked
up and down the hall and could not find him!!! The place where they usually
have your medical records outside the room in which they write down everything
that they do was not there, and the board was up into the wall.

I went back
into my room and stayed awake until they came to take me to the heart cath
room. After inserting the cath into my artery in my leg, and the dye, and other
things, I started asking questions about my heart because I was looking at my
heart in the monitor. As my cardiologist was answering my questions, he
suddenly had a “surprised” look on his face. I ask him was something
wrong. He replied, “I cannot explain what happened here.” He
immediately left the table; I then ask the nurse, “Where did he go.”
They said he probably went to look at the other film from my last heart
catherization. When he came back to the table he stated, “I cannot explain
what happened, but your condition can be treated medially instead of
surgically, and your no longer a candidate for bypass surgery.” All I
could say was, “Thank you, Lord.”

After being
taken back to my room, the heart surgeon who was supposed to do my surgery came
in, and also said, ” I cannot explain what happened to you, all I know is
that you had a artery that was almost 100% blocked, and now it is no longer
blocked.” The nurse that was on the floor during the day came in and
hugged me and said, “It’s been a miracle.” I was hesitate to tell
anyone about my visitor in the morning. I thought they would look at me like I
was crazy.

I told my
daughter about it and she said, “Mom, you had a visitation from an angel,
and the Lord wants you tell everyone.” I was able to go home and continue
taking care of my father until he passed away in Feb. 1997. I did tell my story
to different people, some people gave me some strange looks, but it did not
matter. At times I wondered if what happened really happened.

In 1998 I
had to have eye surgery. As I was in the recovery room I saw my medical record
book on the table. I got up to look through the pages. A nurse came up and
asked if she could help me find whatever I was looking for. I advised her that I
wanted to see what nurse came into my room at 3:10 AM on October 4, 1996. As we
found the record, the last notation was at 2:30 AM, the nurse wrote down that I
was asleep! I told the nurse that someone came into my room at 3:10, and took
my blood pressure. But that was not in the hospital record book.

I continue to read Psalm 91 daily, and I should
have memorized all the words by now, but I still have to open the bible and
read this psalm. And as I continue to read the words, “and under his wings
you will find refuge”, and he will “command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways.” I feel very blessed that God sent one of
his angels to take care of me at a time of my life when my father’s well being
came before my own. In conclusion, being touched by an angel changed my life,
so whether you choose to believe my story or not to believe is up to you. But
…try reading Psalm 91 for a month, and see if your life will be changed as
mine was.

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