There is a story of a group that had gathered together to pray for a family that was having severe financial difficulties. As one of the deacons was offering a fervent prayer for the Lord’s blessings upon this family, there was a knock at the door. The door was opened and there stood a neighbor farmer’s son. One of the elders asked, “Son, what do you want? You have disturbed our praying.”

The boy replied. “Pa couldn’t come, so I brought his prayers in the wagon.”

The elder was astonished and asked, “What do you mean?”

The boy answered, “Well, I’ve brought his prayers; just come out and help me and we’ll bring them in.”

They all went out to see. On reaching the wagon, they discovered that “Pa’s prayers” consisted of potatoes, flour, beef, oatmeal, turnips, apples, jellies, and clothing—all for the needy family. The prayer meeting was adjourned on short notice.

Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to him, “Go, I wish you well, keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about his physical needs what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself if is not accompanied by action, is dead. (James 2:15-17)

We all need to pray. We also need to realize that God often uses us as human instruments to answer prayers as he blesses others. The next time we see someone in need, let’s “pray by the wagon load.”

~Alan Garner (Copyright © 1996-97, Heartlight, Inc., 8332 Mesa Drive, Austin, TX 78759)

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