Sunday School TeacherIn 1855, a Sunday School teacher named Kimbell, led a 19-year old shoe clerk to Jesus Christ. He in turn became a Sunday School teacher leading other youth to Christ.

Later he became a world renowned evangelist. His name — Dwight L. Moody. He led hundreds of thousands to Christ in the USA and England. Though poorly educated, Moody, in one of his English trips, influenced the well-educated and cultured theologian, Frederick B. Meyer to change his preaching style and emphasis.

Later F.B Meyer came to the USA on an evangelistic tour. On one occasion a discouraged preacher, Wilbur Chapman, was in the audience and through his preaching influenced him to become an evangelist.

As his evangelistic ministry grew, he needed an assistant, so he hired a former baseball player with high school education to help him. His name – Billy Sunday.

The latter won over 1 million persons to Christ. In 1924 in Charlotte, NC, a prayer group was formed, which met regularly. When the depression started, they became convinced it was God’s judgement on the nation. They specifically prayed for another revival, and Mordecai Ham responded.

Later, when Ham became an evangelist and he was preaching, a 16 year old farm lad was converted. His name — Billy Graham.

Billy Graham has preached to millions of ordinary persons, as well as to kings, presidents and prime ministers.

But it all started with a Sunday School teacher named Kimbell. Suppose he, or any of the others, had failed to share the gospel.

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