graceI’ve never been surprised by God’s judgment, but I’m still stunned by His grace! God’s judgment has never been a problem for me. Lightning bolts on Sodom…fire on Gomorrah… good job, God! Discipline is easy for me to swallow; it’s logical to assimilate.

But God’s grace?  Anything but. Peter denied Christ before he preached Christ. The thief on the cross was hell-bent and hung out to die one minute, then heaven-bound and smiling the next. I challenge you to find one story in the Bible of a person who came to God seeking grace and did not find it. I dare you. God gives a lot more grace than we would ever imagine.

We could do the same. I’m not for watering down the truth or compromising the Gospel. One thing is for sure. When we get to heaven, we’ll be surprised at some of the folks we see.  And some of them will be surprised when they see us.

From When God Whispers Your Name

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