God Gives Hope

canned peaches

canned peachesMy grandmother canned her own peach preserves and stored them in an underground cellar. It was a deep hole with wooden steps and a musty smell. As a youngster, I’d climb in, close the door and see how long I could last in the darkness. Not even a slit of light entered that underground hole. I’d sit listening to my breath and heartbeats, until I couldn’t take it anymore. Then I would race up the stairs and throw open the door! Light would avalanche into the cellar. What a change! Moments before I couldn’t see anything—then, all of a sudden I could see everything!

Just as light poured into the cellar, God’s hope pours into your world. Upon the sick, He shines the ray of healing. To the confused, He offers the light of Scripture. God gives hope! Your cup overflows with joy—with grace. Shouldn’t your heart overflow with gratitude?

From Traveling Light

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