We all face challenges, obstacles, heartaches, and losses. None of us are exempt. I wish we could all pull the ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card when it comes to hardships, but unfortunately we will all face difficulties. And as tough as tough times can be, they also provide us with some rather remarkable opportunities to exercise daring faith.

It’s one thing to talk about faith and quote Scriptures on faith and even take steps of faith when things are going really well, but what about when they aren’t? How do we hope for what God says is possible in situations that seem impossible?

That’s the very question our father of faith Abram, later named Abraham found himself asking. God promised to make a great nation out of his offspring not when he had a large family with plenty of sons and daughters and grandchildren. No, God spoke to Abraham of this legacy when he and his wife were still childless.

And yet Abraham didn’t allow his circumstances to decide his faith; He resiliently chose to let God’s words ring true in his heart and mind. He trusted God to be faithful to His promises, and God credited it to Abraham as righteousness. Not only did Abraham receive God’s promises as true, but he worshipped God for those promises! Even before God fulfilled His promises to Abraham, Abraham was found building altars to the Lord as an act of faith-fueled worship!

I don’t know what difficulties you are facing, but I do know that God will be faithful to His promises to you! In the midst of your challenges and losses, you can praise God! You can worship God because He is true to His Word. He won’t let you down! So go ahead and praise Jesus for the break-through before the break-through! Go ahead and worship God for the blessing before you receive the blessing! Go on and thank Him for the provision before it even makes its way to you! Go ahead and adore your Savior for the miracle before you even experience it!

Much like Abraham, go on and worship God today with daring faith!

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