Blaming God


Inphillip0402 his Church & Culture blog, James Emery White shares this: “If all else fails in passing blame, there’s always God.

“The author Philip Yancey writes of being contacted by a television producer after the death of Princess Diana to appear on a show and explain how God could have possibly allowed such a tragic accident. ‘Could it have had something to do with a drunk driver going 90 miles an hour in a narrow tunnel?,’ he asked the producer. ‘How, exactly, was God involved?’

“From this, Yancey reflected on the pervasive nature of the mindset that our actions are actually an indictment of God. Such as when boxer Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini killed a Korean boxer in a match, the athlete said in a press conference, ‘Sometimes I wonder why God does the things He does.’

“In a letter to a Christian family therapist, a young woman told of dating a man and becoming pregnant. She wanted to know why God allowed that to happen to her.

“In her official confession, when South Carolina mother Susan Smith pushed her two sons into a lake to drown, she said that as she did it, she went running after the car as it sped down the ramp screaming, ‘Oh God! Oh God, no! Why did You let this happen!’

“Yancey raises the decisive question by asking, ‘What exactly was the role God played in a boxer pummeling his opponent, a teenager abandoning her virtue, or a mother drowning her children?’ God let us choose, and we did; and our choices have brought continual pain and heartache and destruction. Our self-destructive bent has seemed to know no bounds.”

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