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Angus B

“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.” Gal 2:20

The biggest Christian event in South  Africa’s history is about to take place. In just a few weeks the annual pilgrimage to Greytown in KwaZulu-Natal will be happening. This has become an event which has grown from 200 men five years ago, to an estimated 30 000 men in 2008. They come from all over the world with hope, dreams and expectations and leave with renewed faith in God who continues to answer prayer!  At last year’s Mighty Men’s Conference, God’s Glory fell on the tent which housed 7 000 men, and lives were changed forever.  The question everyone is asking: ‘What will God do this year?’  Whatever He decides will be closely watched and word will spread far and wide bringing praise and glory to His Name. Never before has an event of such staggering proportions been staged on a farm. Yet it is destined to succeed as God is behind it and His Word never fails!

Jill, how long have you and Angus been married?

Close on 40 years and still enjoying it!

How do you cope with being married to a man with such great vision?

The vision is ours – we have grown in it together.

What role do you have in the organising of this whole conference?

I pray for Angus personally.

Do you ever get nervous?

Not much, my trust is in the Lord.

How many children do you have?

Five – two boys and three girls.

Do they have a role in this conference?

Yes, Andy leads the Praise and Worship, Robyn and Jilly sell our books and ‘Grassroots’ DVDs, Fergie and my two sons-in-law, Greg & Dougal, are involved in the camping and organisation of MMC 2008.

Do you travel with Angus on his international ministry trips?

No, I stay and look after Shalom with the help of the family.

Angus, what made you jump from 7 000 men last year to wanting 30 000 this year?

This was the response from the men last year. In faith they expect 23 000 – 30 000 men for 2008.

The logistics for this event must be staggering…

We have booked the biggest tent in the world.  It is called the ‘Super Structure’.  It was located on the internet and according to the website it is the biggest tent in the world.  It resides in Johannesburg and takes professional riggers three weeks to erect.  It is the size of three rugby fields put together. The weight of the canvas alone is 200 tons. It is going to take 18 pantechnicons to bring it down to the farm in KwaZulu-Natal. The main masts, 16 of them, stand the height of a three-storey building. 30 000 chairs will be needed.  We are camping 20 000 men on the three farms surrounding the tent. Grass has been planted instead of crops and the grass is growing well – it has been mowed three times already. We are looking at placing eight giant TV screens inside the tent to allow the men to see what is happening.

An elevated platform will be set up in the middle of the tent to house the band and the speakers.  The video team and photographers will have their own platform from which to shoot. The sound system is awesome. Security will be in place to keep order. We are catering for 90 000 meals/teas with 15 000 loaves of bread and 200 000 cold drinks.

Why are you hosting this conference on your farm instead of just preaching around the country?

We had a mandate from God five years ago and the men want to come to Shalom.  In 1980 God called us to make Shalom a place for the Holy Spirit to move.  The name of our chapel is ‘Bethel’ which means ‘God is here’. God has been moving ever since.

What do you hope the results of this conference to be?

Men will take up their rightful positions in the home as prophets, priests and kings. Reconciliation:  marriages, fathers and sons.  The spirit of Elijah is coming before the Lord returns again. Read Mal 4:6

What has the Lord laid on your heart for this conference as the main focus ?

This year’s theme is ‘Dying to Live’.  Gal.2:20; John 12:24

Can you mention some of the issues you will deal with?

The Sovereignty of God in a man’s life will be looked at.  Men will be encouraged to walk by faith and not by sight and to take ownership of what God has given them eg: families, businesses and farms. God will restore men’s dignity and break bondages in their lives, setting them free.

Do you expect many unsaved men to attend?

Yes, we have experienced this in the last four years. Some arrive as sinners and by the time they leave they are on fire for God. Thousands have made first time commitments to Jesus Christ.

You normally do not take up an offering at your conferences – how is the conference financed?

By faith in God.  God told us to do this and He has supplied all our needs every year.

Are you able to share some of the costs with our readers…How are you testing your faith?

I would rather not.  Suffice to say that God has to do this because no man can as the costs are enormous.

If men make a commitment to Christ, how will you follow up?

There is an opportunity for every man to make a commitment.  Their friends who bring them are responsible to follow up and we can put them in touch with churches in their communities.

How involved are you personally in the arrangements?

I’m not involved at all!  There is a dedicated committee in place which handles all the necessary arrangements. I have the final say in their decisions.

Do you think your farm roads can handle all the traffic?

The KwaZulu-Natal Road Traffic Department will assist us. They were very gracious last year. This year there will be more emphasis on coming from every angle to the main tent.

What happens if everyone arrives at the same time – i.e. Friday lunchtime?

That will be very exciting! However, I think there will be a constant influx during the afternoon.

How are you going to handle all the admin work for registering folks?

We have set up a website for direct registration and the office staff assist those who do not have access to the internet.

Are people bringing tents or caravans?

Yes, both – we are providing campsites to accommodate 20 000 men. Hot and cold showers and portable toilets will be provided.

Can the men bring their own braai equipment for Friday night or must they eat the meals provided?

They are free to do what they wish.  Food will be supplied for three meals, which includes the Friday evening. The men must supply their own breakfast, all other meals are free.

How are you going to get around in such a large tent?

Various ideas on this issue are being looked at this time – perhaps a quad bike!

How does one go about booking for the conference?

Telephone the Shalom office on 033 417 1695 if you do not have any access to the internet.

So there you have it!  Are you ready to be a part of this major God-inspired event which will be making history throughout South Africa and the rest of the world? Book early to avoid disappointment! This is a Spirit-filled event that will impact your eternal choices. Be prepared to be changed, be willing to allow God to change and direct you as He shakes your comfort zone and guides you on the path He wants you to follow. Remember, He will never leave you nor forsake you. See you in Greytown in April.

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