Man gives up life of crime






“some of his fellow inmates were so amazed at the change in him, that they turned to God as well

Siyabuswa – A man convicted of murder and armed robbery has decided to make something of his life after spending seven years in prison.

Maveni Shoba, 41, of Mashiding village near Siyabuswa said he has swapped a life of crime for a life as an entrepreneur.

“I tried to make riches the wrong way in the past, but all that has changed. I was a scum to the community, now I have my dignity back,” said Shoba.

Shoba said he became a criminal at a young age with several brushes with the law until he was convicted in 1997 and given a 15-year prison sentence for murder and armed robbery.

However, in 2005 he was released on parole because of his good behaviour in prison.

“Prison was very horrible. There were so many brutal fights amongst inmates. I looked and saw what we criminals were really like, and I hated it,” said Shoba.

He said he started to see why society hated criminals and why most people wanted them hanged.