Let the light shine

I heard about a couple who received a set of two horrible bedside table lamps as a wedding present from a distant aunt.   Since the lamps were so ugly, this couple didn’t want to actually use them, so they put them in storage and bought a nicer set themselves. That worked …

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Interesting Facts 132

                      A pig is the only animal than can get sunburned        A pound of grasshoppers is three times as nutritious as a pound of beef.        A rattlesnake’s fangs fold inward when its mouth is closed so it doesn’t bite itself.        A shark can detect …

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We think we must climb

“We think we must climb to a certain height of goodness before we can reach God. But… if we are in a hole the Way begins in the hole. The moment we set our face in the same direction as His, we are walking with God.” ~ Helen Wodehouse

Coat of many colours

The garment given by Jacob to Joseph in Genesis 37:3, generally known as the ‘coat of many colours’, is the same expression that is used for King David’s daughter Tamar’s garment. the Greek and Latin however translates it as ‘a sleeved tunic’. (2 Samuel 13:18) So many scholars believe that …

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