cherishRGary Thomas, author of the perennial bestseller Sacred Marriage, which has sold over 700,000 copies, is releasing his newest book, Cherish: The One Word that Changes Everything for Your Marriage. Unlike other marriage books that focus only on love, in Cherish, Thomas explores what happens when spouses truly keep their wedding vows of “to love and to cherish.”

“Most marriages survive by gritting teeth and holding on. But marriages can not only survive but thrive when husbands and wives learn to cherish one another,” said Thomas. “To cherish something is to hold it dear and to find great pleasure in it. Millions of couples have pledged ‘to love and to cherish, till death do us part.’ Most of us understand the love part – but what does it mean to cherish our spouses? Why do we say it once and then rarely mention it again?”

From the first chapter, Thomas powerfully reminds readers that applying the aspect of cherish in a relationship means readers should want to protect their spouse from physical, emotional and spiritual dangers while also treating them with tenderness, nurturing them, indulging them, and holding them dear.

“Love and cherish never compete—they complement each other and even complete each other,” Thomas writes. “The good news is that cherishing your spouse is something you can learn to do. It’s not just a feeling that comes and goes; there are spiritual and relational practices that generate feelings of cherishing your spouse as you act on them so you do hold them dear in your heart. Learning to cherish actually creates joy, fulfillment, happiness and satisfaction. It’s one of those spiritual realities that may not make logical sense, but when you take it by faith and put it into practice, it works.”

Each chapter of the book focuses on a particular attribute of what it means to cherish one’s spouse. Thomas uses personal stories and simple analogies to dive deep into providing practical principles to help couples move from simply going through the motions of a relationship – living in the same house, sharing a bank account, sleeping in the same room – to finding joy by cherishing one another with proven, loving and everyday actions and words.

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558 Days

558 days of hell. Two souls intertwined in body and spirit. One Almighty God. This is the story of kidnapping victims, Yolande and Pierre Korkie, as told by Yolande. Pierre never survived to tell the tale. In this raw and honest memoir, Yolande relives the couple’s kidnapping and brutal severance

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978 1 4316 1466 0 SS

’n Vrou in gebed

Die geveg van jou lewe is reg voor jou. Op hierdie oomblik wil die vyand sy slinkse planne gebruik om verskeie areas van jou lewe omver te gooi. ’n Doel-gerigte gebedstrategie sal jou meer help as wat jy ooit kon droom. In ’n Vrou in gebed plaas Priscilla Shirer die

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Strategie vir gebed

Gebed behoort jou eerste aanvalsplan te wees in die stryd van die lewe, nie jou laaste toevlug nie. En vir ’n geveg van hierdie kaliber het jy ’n doelgerigte strategie nodig.Strategie vir gebed bied vir lesers ’n aksieplan wat hulle sal lei van die eerste stap wat hulle moet neem

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Seeking Him

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Seisoene van seën

Dit is nie altyd maklik om te ontsnap van die wêreld en sy geraas nie. Maar in die rustige teenwoordigheid van God lê die krag en seën wat ons wildste drome oortref. In Seisoene van seën plaas Andries Enslin die kol-lig op hierdie oomblikke saam met God. Met temas soos

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