Umbrella Impression

A man had finally got around to taking all his broken umbrellas to the repair shop.

Next morning on his way to his office when he got up to leave the street car, he absentmindedly laid hold of the umbrella belonging to the woman beside him for he was in the habit of carrying one.

The woman cried "Stop! Thief!", grabbed her umbrella back and embarrassed the poor man no end!

That same day, he stopped at the repair shop, and received all eight of his umbrellas duly restored. As he entered the street car, with the unwrapped umbrellas tucked under his arm, he was horrified to behold, glaring at him, the lady of his morning's misadventure.

Her voice came to him charged with a withering scorn: "Had a good day, didn't you!"

Lost In Canada

An American and his wife were driving in Canada and got lost on the prairie. After what seemed like forever, they finally came to a city.

When they saw a gentleman on the sidewalk they pulled up to the curb and the lady wound down her window and asked: "Excuse me, sir. Where are we?"

The gentleman replied, "Saskatoon, Saskatchewan."

The woman rolled up the window, turned to her husband and said,

"We really are lost. They don't even speak English here!"

Blogging Farmers

A lot of farmers have been starting online blogs and writing about their wheat.

They're cropping up everywhere.