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psalmbook0106Mauricio Zanes Condori, 38, was trying to talk two thieves out of robbing his church, located in the town of Rodeo del Medio, some 1 000km west of Buenos Aires, local judicial authorities reported.

One of the thieves aimed his handgun at Zanes Condori's chest and fired at a distance of two metres.

The criminals immediately fled, and churchgoers who were watching the event unfold in horror called an ambulance.

The bullet however hit the psalm book that Zanes Condori was holding to his chest.

A medic who arrived at the scene said that the book slowed down the bullet and deflected its trajectory, so in the end it only scratched Zanes Condori's chest.

The official report said that a Bible had stopped the bullet, but Zanes Condori later clarified that it was a psalm book.

"That leads me to believe in a God that takes care of me," Zanes Condor told the online publication Los Andes.