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sermon0604My grandfather would tuck his Bible under his arm and walk through the small town where he lived to Sunday School and church services. For the last five years of his life, he could not hear, and he never heard a word of any sermon. Yet, he continued to go.

One day I asked him, "Grampa, why do you keep on going to Sunday School and church when you can't hear a word that the preacher says?"

"I keep on going." he replied, "even if I don't hear, because I want people to know whose side I'm on."

Do people know whose side you're on? Do you want them to know? It's time for Christians to take a stand for Christ. We must be different from the world if we are to help it. Until we make it clear who it is we serve, no one will ever pay attention to us. Make sure the world knows whose side you're on.

"...as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15)

Author Unknown