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parrotflyingA businessman boards an airplane to find that his neighbor in first class is a parrot. They take off and the stewardess asks what they would like to drink. "I'll have a Coke," says the parrot. The businessman also orders a Coke. After waiting two or three minutes, the bird starts yelling, "Where's my drink?! Stop fooling around and give me my drink!"

The stewardess runs to him with his glass, leaving the businessman still thirsty. Half an hour later the stewardess makes a second round. The bird orders another Coke and a Wall Street Journal. The businessman asks again for his Coke. Again, after waiting a couple of minutes, the bird screams, squawking, "Are you lazy or stupid? I want my drink, and don't forget my paper!"

The poor stewardess nearly trips over herself getting the parrot his drink and the newspaper.   The businessman still has nothing, and after ten more minutes he decides to take his cue from the bird.  "Hey! Bring me my Coke right now!" he shouts.

Out of nowhere the stewardess, the captain and two passengers grab the businessman and the bird, open the hatch and throw them out of the plane. At 30,000 feet, the two are falling side by side. The parrot says to the terrified man, "Wow -- that took a lot of guts for a guy with no wings!"

It takes more courage for some people to do some things than it does others. For example, it doesn't take a lot of courage for me to get up and preach Jesus as the Christ on Sunday morning. The worst consequence I face is a nodding head in the pew.  There are those in the world, though, at this very moment who face very serious consequences for doing the same thing. They risk punishment, even to the point of death. The courage of others is an inspiration to the rest of us. That's why the writer of Hebrews told about some of the trials faced by the saints of the Old Testament:

Others were tortured and refused to accept their freedom so they could be raised from the dead to a better life. Some were laughed at and beaten. Others were put in chains and thrown into prison.  They were stoned to death, they were cut in half, and they were killed with swords. Some wore the skins of sheep and goats. They were poor, abused, and treated badly. The world was not good enough for them! They wandered in deserts and mountains, living in caves and holes in the earth. All these people are known for their faith, but none of them received what God had promised. God planned to give us something better so that they would be made perfect, but only together with us." (Hebrews 11:35-40, NCV)

Robert Anthony once said, "Courage is simply the willingness to be afraid and act anyway."

Very likely, there is something which God is calling you to do that scares you to death. May you blessed with the courage you need to act anyway.

Alan Smith