banquet 33f4bSome things were not made to co-exist. Long-tailed cats and rocking chairs?  Bad combination. Bulls in a china closet?  Not a good idea. Blessings and bitterness? That’s the mixture that doesn’t go over well with God. Perhaps you’ve sampled it?  Gratitude doesn’t come naturally. Self-pity does. Bellyaches do. Yet they don’t mix well with the kindness we’ve been given.

I attended a banquet where a soldier was presented with the gift of a free house. He nearly fell over with gratitude. He hugged the guitar player in the band, the woman on the front row.  He thanked the waiter, the other soldiers.  He even thanked me and I didn’t do anything. Shouldn’t we be equally grateful?

John 14:2 says Jesus is building a house for us.  Our deed of ownership is every bit as certain as that of the soldier! The grateful heart sees every day as a gift.

Max Lucado