280409Postal surcharge

A little boy was upset with his parents' financial situation, so he decided to write God a letter.

Dear God,

My mommy and daddy need R5 000 for bills and I don't know who else to ask. Could You please help?


The letter was received by the local post office and put in the 'dead' letters pile. The clerk, being curious of the letter addressed to God, opened to see what it said. As you can imagine,he was touched by the letter and decided to help. He asked all his fellow workers to 'chip-in' a few dollars to help a family in need. When all the money was collected, it came to R3000. The clerk sent a money order in an official Post Office envelope with the return address simply, God.

Several weeks later the same clerk found another letter addressed to God in the same writing. The letter said,

Dear God,

Thank you for the R3000, but next time don't use the Post Office, they have a R2000 service charge.


Dinner invitation

A wife invited some people to dinner. At the table, she turned to their six-year-old daughter and said, 'Would you like to say the blessing?'

'I wouldn't know what to say,' the girl replied.

'Just say what you hear Mommy say,' the wife answered.

The daughter bowed her head and said, 'Lord, why on earth did I invite all these people to dinner?'

Flight to Egypt

A Sunday school teacher was speaking to a group of four-year-olds about Jesus, Joseph and Mary. After the lesson the kids were to draw a picture depicting their favorite part of the story. The teacher shared the pictures the children drew with the entire class. She got pictures of the Baby Jesus in the manger with animals, she got pictures of the three wise men and the like. Then she got to a picture from little Jimmy, a picture of an airplane with four people on it. She called Jimmy up to explain his picture. She told Jimmy that she could see Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus, obviously in their 'flight' to Egypt. She didn't understand why there was another man on the plane.

Jimmy quickly explained, 'That's Pontius, the pilot.'