HumorA number of years ago when our children were young, my single brother came to visit for a few days. As it happened my husband and I, who are both pastors each had a meeting that night. Uncle David agreed to baby-sit with his two nieces. When we arrived home I inquired how the evening had gone. "Fine," he replied. "What did you do?" I asked. We played "Church" was his reply. How nice, I thought. "What did you do?" I inquired (thinking they had sung hymns, or prayed, or read scripture.) "Well..," he replied "I was the congregation, they were the ushers, and they took up the offering."

5 yr. old Alex said "thank you" for his new Bible cover with WWJD on the front. His dad asked, "do you know what those initals stand for?" Yes replied Alex, "www. Jesus".

When our oldest son was about three years old, we went to a small country church near our home. After the sermon went on for about twenty minutes, our son became restless. The country preacher asked the rhetorical question "Would you be ready if Jesus Christ came today"? In a voice loud enough for all to hear, our son repeated TODAY!?! After the congretation stopped laughing the preacher went on another fifteen minutes.