050314Hair Curlers

My wife still uses curlers in her hair after she washes it.

The other night she came into the Family Room as I was watching TV.

I guess I stared at her funny because she said, "I just set my hair."

The last thing I remember saying was, "Oh, really? And what time does it go off?"

Counting trick

Dean was sitting in his drawing room having a cup of coffee, quite at ease with himself. In comes his son with a plate in his hands containing two pastries. He sits opposite Dean and says: “Dad, tell me, how many pastries are there in my plate?”

Dean: “I can see two.”

Son: “No, there are three, I can prove it.”

Dean: “How?”

Son: “This one is one.” He then proceeded to point to the other and said: “This is two, right? And one plus two is three, isn’t it?”

Dean: “How clever of you, son? I am impressed. Now let’s see.”

He picked up one from the plate and said: “This one is for me,” picked up the second one and said: “This for your sister. You can have the third one for yourself.”

Perfect fit

I was a salesman at one of the big departmental stores in Bombay. One day, a lady walked in and asked me to help her select a sky blue shirt that she wanted to buy as a gift for her husband. When I asked her about the size, she seemed to be at a loss for a while, then suddenly she was cheerful, and holding up her arms, she formed a circle with her thumbs and forefingers.

"I am not sure about the size, but his neck fits perfectly between by hands!"