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Did you hear about Gatiep who couldn't figure out how to leave the hotel room? There were two doors, but one was the bathroom and the other had a sign on it: "Do Not Disturb."

Lingering Hug

We had made some changes in our lives.

My husband had lost 50 pounds and after eight years of being a housewife, I had taken a job in a restaurant.

When I returned home after my first day at work, I gave my husband a big hug.

He seemed to cling to me longer than usual.

"Did you really miss me that much today, dear?" I asked.

"No," came the reply.

"But you smell so much like pancakes that I hate to let you go."

Country Cemetery

A number of years ago my wife and I were living in Arkansas, where I was pastoring a church.

Some friends came from Texas to visit. We drove them around to see the country side and drove by a country church that had a cemetery adjoining.

This couple had twin boys about the age of 5 and as we passed the cemetery one of the boys said,

"Look at all those birth stones."