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97814316034110Ek droom van ’n droom is Elsje Neethling Blair se verhaal van haar 20 jaar lange saamleef met kanker. Saam met Maretha Maartens vertel sy van die seer en die onsekerheid, maar ook die geloof en die blyke van God se genade en deel agt bladsye volkleurfoto’s uit haar persoonlike album. Bydraes deur geliefdes, onder andere Olimpiese gouemedaljewenner boetie Ryk Neethling en kleinsus Jean-Marié, wys hoe die stryd teen kanker elkeen in ’n gesin vir altyd verander. (pdfLees meer)


What limits us?

He replied, "You give them something to eat." They answered, "We have only five loaves of bread and two fish--unless we go and buy food for all this crowd." Luke 9:13 Thought I love the way Jesus gets his disciples' attention. "You feed them, boys!" Of course they knew that they couldn't! Yet Jesus…

A Spiritual Heart Transplant

Grace! The bank gives us a grace period. The seedy politician falls from grace. Musicians speak of a grace note. We use the word for hospitals, baby girls, kings and pre-meal prayers. We talk as though we know what grace means. You turn the page of your Bible and look at the words. You might as…


Vandag is ‘n dag vir blydskap (2 Kron 7:9), so, kom ons wees bly! Wees bly dat ons lewe en wees bly dat ons God se kinders is en wees bly dat God ons nog ‘n dag gegee het en wees bly oor alles waaroor ons kan lag en wees bly dat ons vandag lekker kon eet en wees bly God het ons lief en wees bly dat…

Inspirational Stories

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For some time I've had a church member provide me with a rose boutonniere to pin on the lapel of my suit every Sunday. Because I always got a flower on Sunday morning, I really…

Who do you…

This story falls into the category of an "urban legend": According to news reports, Lucky, a German shepherd guide-dog for the blind, has so far been responsible for the deaths of…

Carl’s Garden

Carl was a quiet man. He didn't talk much. He would always greet you with a big smile and a firm handshake. Even after living in our neighborhood for over 50 years, no one could…

Beauty is soul deep

Abraham Lincoln2501
Abraham Lincoln loved to tell stories on himself. One of his favorites concerned itself…

Just ask for it

A snooty millionaire took some of his upper class friends yachting. They passed a…

When You Judge Yourself

If you're going to do it, don't lose sight of the main fact. Charles Allen (Victories in…

Groot beloning

Dr. Bernard Vittone, bekende Amerikaanse psigiater, sê: "Soos ons ouer word, verloor ons…

Ouderdom is net 'n nommer

Donovan Bailey
Toe die Kanadese naelloper, Donovan Baily, die 100 meter in 9.84 sekondes afgelê het, was…

Another Way to Win

Kay Poe and Esther Kim have been best friends since they were seven years old. Among…

Afrikaanse Artikels


Stel Grense…

2) Deurlaatbare grense. Goed aangepaste mense vind 'n balans tussen die beskerming van hul persoonlike ruimte en die toelating van ander om binne te kom. Hulle weet hoe om 'ja' te…

Crying Out to…

"But when they cried out to the LORD, he raised up for them a deliverer. . ." (Judg 3:8-9). I often receive requests to help someone whose life is in a difficult place. After a…

Waarom jy behoue gebly het

Besef jy dat sonder God se hand in jou lewe, jy nie vandag hier sou gewees het nie? Dawid…

Early to bed

I know one man who says he likes work. It fascinates him. He says he can sit and watch it…


Vir my 40 ste verjaarsdag het ek onderneem om die Two Oceans se half marathon te…
Terrier Mix

Make Sure You’ve Got Some Back Up!

One morning recently I took our little Terrier mix outside for her morning walk, and I…

Lesse uit Listra

Die Bybel sê: "In Listra was daar 'n man. hy kon nooit loop nie. hy het geluister terwyl…

Artikels deur Johann de Jager


God bly in beheer

Die Golf Oorlog wat destyds erg (amper skryf ek “mooi”) aan die gang. As ek reg kan onthou was dit in die laat tagtigs. Ek kan die dag goed onthou en spesifiek waar ek ook geloop het die oomblik toe die gedagte waaroor ek wil gesels by my opgekom…
Base Jumping

Kies die regte profiel

Een aand op TV Nuus wys hulle ‘n brug in Amerika, amptelik die langste boogbrug in daardie land. Op hierdie brug het duisende mense saamgetrek om na 'n groepie mense te bekyk wat die sogenaamde "base jumping" doen. Nou die wat nie weet wat die "base…

Dis soet, bevrydend en waar

"Vandag weet ek wat ek moes gedoen het. Ek moes aanhou stap het. ... Maar wysheid agterna maak van ons almal kenners. Cornè Krige Rapport 30/10/2005. Hierdie opmerking het Cornè Krige gelewer na Kamp Staaldraad. Hulle was verplig om in die koue…

Maak hulle dors.

Watter onseker tyd moes dit nie vir die vroeë kerk in Korinte gewees het nie. Nie net moes hulle 'n nuwe geestelike perspektief kry nie, maar hulle moes ook wegbreek uit die kultuur en die algemene leefwyse van daardie tyd. G'n wonder dat hulle 'n…

Klou vas!

Ek kan my altyd verkyk aan hierdie kleintjies wat ewe gedwee en met groot ogies die hele wêreld hier van onder die ma af beloer. Die ma kan maar gaan waar sy wil, swiep deur die bome of gallop op die grond, boetietjie klou vir Afrika. Ek het een…

“Jammer, ketting gebreek”

"The president of Argentina received this picture and called it junk mail, 8 days later his son died. A man received this & immediately sent out copies... his surprise was winning the lottery. Alberto Martinez received this picture, gave it to his…


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Humor quote

Did you hear about the self help group for compulsive talkers? It's called On & On Anon.

Two sides

An English professor wrote the words, "woman without her man is nothing" on the blackboard and directed the students to punctuate it correctly. The men wrote: "Woman, without her…

New TV / Like a…

New TV My sister gave me a 13" TV for my birthday. She had gotten it for free when she bought a used console TV for the living room. The original owners said they didn't use the…

Humor 07/08/13

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Political Values A priest was being honored at his retirement dinner after 25 years in…

Humor 18/02/13

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Who gets the present? A father of five children came home with a new toy. He summoned his…

Hello and goodbye / Cook It, Please / "Build It and They Will Come"

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Hello and Goodbye Today I picked up my mother-in-law at the airport. She's getting a…

Humor 21/05/14

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Parenting Challenges As a member of the organization that installs computer systems…

Historical figures, Waiting for the bus, Open Mouth, Insert Foot

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If famous historical figures were looking for a job today... Julius Caesar: My last job…

Humor 08/03/13

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Evidence A little boy found the old family Bible and started thumbing through the pages.…

Humor 08/10/2011

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School Excuse At the school where my mother worked, the two first-grade teachers were…

I'll show you the way

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A little boy was waiting on his mother to come out of a store. As he waited, he was…

Lost Pigs, Cough Remedy, Thirteen Year –Olds, Taa-Daa!

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Lost Pigs Howard County Police officers still write their reports by hand, and the data…

Peter Howe (A Novel and Testimony)


The Target takes snippets and highlighted events from the Howe family's lives. Following a time line, it illustrates the challenges, trials and tragedies they faced, including the death of their two sons. This book gives a commentary of how the earthly and heavenly realms affect each other.Peter however, weaves Christian fiction into the different aspects of his own true personal journey.

Their faith developed and grew throughout all the tragedies they experienced, and blossomed into the life they now live serving God and ministering to others.


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Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

Lê jou daarop toe om jou tot beskikking van God te stel as 'n arbeider wat die goedkeuring van God wegdra, 'n arbeider wat hom vir sy werk nie hoef te skaam nie, wat die woord van die waarheid suiwer verkondig. (2 Timoteus 2:15 Afr83)


Die arm van die Here is nie te kort om te help nie en sy oor is nie te doof om te hoor nie. JESAJA 59:1

Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

"The Holy Scriptures are our letters from home." St. Augustine of Hippo

Inspirational Quote

"Salt, when dissolved in water, may disappear, but it does not cease to exist. We can be sure of its presence by tasting the water. Likewise, the indwelling Christ, though unseen, will be made evident to others from the love which he imparts to us." — Sadhu Sundar Singh

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

Ottors sleep while holding hands (paws)

Interesting Facts #946

You cannot think of an English word to rhyme with the word “month” because there isn’t one.

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Humor Quotes

Humor Quote

On your birthday, send a thank you card to your mom.

Valentines day

If it is not Valentines day and you see a man in a flower shop, you can probably start up a conversation by asking, 'What did you do?'