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All in the Family was a comedy that aired on American television from 1971-1979. There was much not to like about the show, but there were also moments of tremendous insight into human behavior. In one of the episodes, Edith and Archie were attending Edith's high school class reunion. Edith encountered an old classmate by the name of Buck who, unlike his earlier days, had become excessively obese. Edith and Buck had a delightful conversation about old times and the things that they did together, but remarkably Edith didn't seem to notice how extremely heavy Buck had become.

Later, when Edith and Archie were talking, she said in her whiny voice, "Archie, ain't Buck a beautiful person?" Archie looked at her with a disgusted expression and...

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aging women

Some years ago, the Journal of the American Medical Association published an article by Dr. Paul Ruskin on the "Stages of Aging." In the article, Dr. Ruskin described a case study he had presented to his students when teaching a class in medical school. He described the case study patient under his care like this:

"The patient neither speaks nor comprehends the spoken word. Sometimes she babbles incoherently for hours on end. She is disoriented about person, place, and time. She does, however...

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I heard recently about a "big city" boy who was preaching in a small country town. He wanted to learn everything "country" so that I could fit in. As he was searching for Widow Jones' farm, he got lost on the back roads.   He saw a farmer walking into his barn so he stopped for directions.

The farmer was just beginning to milk his cow but took time out to tell the preacher how to get to the Jones' farm. "By the way, " the preacher asked, "Do you know what time it is?" The farmer...

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