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sword1511The Mediterranean Island of Sicily was once ruled by a cruel tyrant named Dionysius.  Dionysius had a close friend who continually sought to praise and flatter him about his position as ruler.  He would say that Dionysius must be the happiest man on earth and how wonderful it would be to be a ruler, even for a short time!

At last, Dionysius agreed to let him sit on his throne for just one day and wear his royal robes and jewels. A great feast was prepared for the occasion and every enjoyment was prepared for him. The friend was highly delighted and sat on the throne admiring all the wealth and splendour of the royal palace. However, he soon noticed a very sharp sword hanging by a single horse-hair directly above his head.

The sight of the sword terrified this man.   He lost all desire for food; he no longer admired the royal riches, but he continually stared at the sword, and soon begged Dionysius to let him leave the throne.

Dionysius had the sword suspended by the hair to illustrate how unsure and dangerous his position was as a ruler; he could be slain at any time by a secret enemy.

This story pictures the position of every unsaved person in this world. They may receive and enjoy many good things in this life, however if their sins are not forgiven, God's wrath hangs over them like that sword. God has said in the Bible that He will judge and punish all those who are not saved by His grace.  Psalm 7:11 tells us that God is angry with the wicked every day.

It is only when we belong to Christ that we are delivered from the wrath and judgment of God.

Source :  http://bennozuiddam.com