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Can’t let go

niagra010110The winter had almost ended and the ice was still floating down the river towards the Niagra falls.  On one large piece of floating ice was a dead lamb.  Soon a large eagle swooped down; landed on the dead lamb and began to eat it.

The weather was freezing cold and sleet was falling at the time, but the eagle did not seem to mind. It was hungry and so was determined to have a meal. The river was sweeping the slab of ice down stream, nearer and nearer to the great falls.

The eagle did not seem to be afraid; every few minutes it would look around to see if there were any dangers and how close it was to the edge of the falls.  But it did not realize that its feathers which were touching the ice were becoming set in it and also its feet were fast becoming set in the ice as well.

At last the eagle realised that the floating ice was getting close to the falls and decided it was time to leave.  It crouched its large body and tried to spread its huge wings to fly, but it could not. The bird shrieked and tried desperately to break free but it was firmly stuck to the ice.  Eventually the floating ice with the eagle struggling to break free, were swept over the falls and seen no more.

Sin can gain a complete control over a person's life. They may believe that they can break away from them whenever they want to, but they find that they are held firmly and are too weak to break free. The longer we remain in a sin, the more hold it has upon us.

Only the Lord Jesus can set us free and keep us free from the power and control of sin.

Source (adapted) : bennozuiddam.com