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hugging1107A few years ago the cartoon strip, “For Better or for Worse” showed Dad coming into the room where his teenage daughter was sitting on the couch watching television, eating popcorn. So he decided to sit down next to her and help himself to the popcorn. As he was sitting there, a little thought balloon appears over his head. He’s thinking, “I remember when she was so young. I held her in my arms and loved her, and it was wonderful. Now look at her. She’s all grown up, and such a beautiful girl, too. I wonder what she would think if I held her like I used to and told her again that I love her?”

He finally concludes that she would be uncomfortable if he did that. While he’s thinking that, the little thought balloon pops up over his daughter’s head, and we learn that she is thinking, “I wonder why Dad never hugs me anymore?”